Eatice is the my main character, a silver gold night fury.

Before, he was just a gold night fury but he recently became silver

Look Edit

His skin is made of pure silver, but he has a gold scale on his nose. On his legs he has normal blue scales, and her wings are 3 quarters blue ans 1 quarter gold.

He has a light gray automatic tail wing prothesis made by his rider Zane

About his species Edit

He's the only silver gold night fury. He's a titan wing and an alpha

Family Edit

His father is Pure Gold, a gold fury and his mother is Pure Ocean, a blue fury with white wings. His siblings are Toothless and the twins iceberg and White wing

His mate is Tsunami, an aquatic night fury and they have lots of cubs:Traveler, Electrico, Jakob, Bilbo, Night tail, Shiny, Grape, Sally, Ice Soul, Water soul, Isildur, Saphire, Smarald and Rasted

Friends Edit

Eatice has a lot of friends. His first friend was Zane, his rider. Then he meet Zane's other dragons, Ice diziness, Titanium dragon, Zugu, Screaming death, Sharp claw and all the others.

Later, he discovered his siblings and the night island. There he met, Tsunami, his mate, and by discovering new places, he found lots of more friends: Greney, Nightshade, Wintergel, Redfire, Darkstripe, Moonlight, Raseri, Logan, Shayla, Whiteflame, Swift wing, Windcleaver, Flare, Midnight, Bluestar, Greengalaxy, Torracat, Angelica, Skyfire, Pyro Spark and many others

Backstory Edit

Long time ago, on the Golden mountain there were many gold dragons. Pure gold, a gold fury, fell in love with Pure ocean, a non gold fury. They became mates and they had four cubs: Pure Bilbo(Eatice), a black night fury with golden nose, Pure Night(Toothelss), a black night fury, Pure Snow(White wing) and Pure Ice(White wing), two white furies. But the leader of the Golden mountain, king Bilbo, banished Pure ocean and the babies because they weren't gold furies. He tied them with chains and threw them away with catapults.

Eatice fell in the ocean and the water brought him to Ninjago. There, Zane found him and took care of him. They became best friends

Previous life Edit

Eatice is the reincarnation of a silver fury warrior with the same name. In his previous life he had the gold scale too, but at that time it was a disadvantage because the silver furies rejected him.

Forms Edit

Eatice has more forms:

-dragon form:Eatice

-pokemon form:Bilbo the shiny umbreon

-human form:Jack

-animal form:Titanium star, a warrior cat

Personality and behaviour Edit

Eatice is very loyal to his friends, family and riders. He is playful and curious, he loves flying and exploring. Eatice can be agressive to you if you hurt his friends.

When he's in wilderness, he loves eating salmon and daurade, but when he stays in Ninjago he also eat human's food like pasta.

He still don't know much about his past and he doesn't accept that he is now silver again like in his previous life

Gallery Edit

Eatice z

Eatice and his mate Tsunami


Eatice as pokemon

Screenshot 2017-03-16-18-43-52-485 (1)

When Zane tamed him

IMG 20160914 223804

Eatice as animal

Jack ninja
Jack ninja
IMG 20170315 155202

Eatice and Pyro Spark

IMG 20170304 180432 151

Eatice as a wolf and his bae Greney

IMG 20170315 155202

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